All cat poop stinks… Right? That’s what we thought too.

For years, we were embarrassed if one of our cats pooped while we had company over. The stench reached every corner of our home. No one was safe from the stink.

It was something we thought we just had to live with if we lived with cats. You may be surprised to learn this is not true. While there are certain health issues that can cause a cat’s poop to stink horribly, a healthy cat can actually have poops that don’t clear the room.

So, let’s think about this…

We all know that what we eat goes into our bodies. Our bodies use what it needs – and what isn’t used by our body is eliminated as poop. Excrement is the more technical term – defined as waste matter from the bowels. Too graphic? Perhaps – but it’s an important refresher about what poop actually is – waste. And this is how poop works for all living things. Including our cats.

What we scoop out of their litter box is waste. It is all the stuff in their cat food that their bodies don’t need. And when it comes to commercial cat foods, we’ve learned that the majority of it is full of ingredients that are physiologically unnecessary for an obligate carnivore.

What goes in, must come out

Go read the list of ingredients in your cat’s food. It’s likely a pretty long list. Much of it you may not be able to pronounce – or have any idea what it is. If you start looking into these ingredients, you’ll see these are ‘fillers’. Grains, starches, carbs. Great for bulking up ‘food’ and making it appear that you’re getting some good bang for your buck. Not great for your cat – who is an obligate carnivore with no nutritional need for those fillers.

Which is why they all come out as waste – and the extra stink in this cat poop is from the body having so much species inappropriate matter to eliminate.

Contrast the smell of this cat poop with the waste of a cat being fed food their bodies utilize. We could barely believe our noses when we transitioned our cats to a species appropriate diet. Not only did I not realize they had pooped until I scooped the box, the size of the poop was smaller.

You’ve heard that you can tell a tree by its fruit? You can also tell a lot about a food from the poops. If your kitting is dropping stink bomb, consider eliminating the offending ammunition.


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