Our cats love catnip toys. Heck, they love catnip anything. A few years ago we learned the difference between organic catnip and conventional catnip – so now we only have organic catnip in our home. Our 5 cats are grateful for the switch and here’s why…

Why Use Organic Catnip?

  1. It is much more potent. Organic catnip is grown organically or hydroponically – so there’s nothing it in that sucks out the strong fragrance. Cats have 200 million scent receptors in their nose, so they can smell the aroma from afar. The price for the organic stuff may be a little more, but because of the potency you actually use a lot less – so it ends up being very cost efficient too!
  2. Pesticides are not good for our kitties. Non-organic catnip is grown in soil that has been treated with pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. We don’t allow chemical pesticides in our home because it is harmful to our cats, so why would we give them a catnip toy that has pesticides in it?
  3. It’s better for the earth. We like to support companies that are gentle to the land we and our cats live on. Our environment is already plagued with enough toxins – so why not let us all be happier and healthier by buying organic when we can!

For Mew Cat Toys makes our favorite (paws down!), 100% organic catnip cat crisp – and our cats go crazy for it! Click here to check out this line of pawsome cat toys.

We love doing all we can to help keep our kitties safe – and it’s extra exciting when this efforts helps even just one teeny corner of our world. Not to mention just how much kitties love it too!



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