Spectacular Fall!

We are really so blessed to occupy a place in this great land that maintains the perfect, crisp fall day from November until (usually) January. Las Vegas is known for many things, but should be recognized for this special ‘forever fall’ season… It’s one of our favorite things about our piece of this planet and if ever there was a question about our affinity for fall, this episode emphatically answers it – once and for all.

While our Pooh Bear was not very excited about making an appearance this week, we are extra excited to celebrate this fall season with him for the first time – on the inside. And is he ever the quintessential fall cat… not only because he is the perfect orange color – but because he is so big (25 lbs), fluffy (extra long hairs!) and cuddly! He (along with our other boys) is freakishly excited about open windows that let in the fine fall breeze, stretching out (belly up) in sun spots and  finding the most obscure (and sometimes entertaining) places to snuggle up on a chilly night.

It may also be worth noting that we are not unlike many other cat parents – in that we spontaneously create inspired nick names for our babies… And our Pooh Bear is the main recipient this season. So if you hear us referring to Mr. Pumpkin Pie or our Ginger-bread Man – you know who we’re talking about.

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day

One of my most favorite fall activities is snuggling up in my favorite blanket and enjoying a big mug full of hot cocoa. Minus the hot cocoa, it is quite obvious to me that our cats enjoy this same snuggly-ness. So, as the chill in the air gets chillier, pay attention to the snuggle spots your cats come to love. If possible, make these places available and inviting to them throughout this awesome fall season (even if it is on a decorative blanket – in my opinion). 🙂

Above all – enjoy this magical time of the year. Let’s take a lesson from our feline friends – let’s slow down a little and take in the sun spots, let’s the snuggle a little longer and rush a little less and let’s take every opportunity and open window to be freakishly excited about taking a deep breath of the fine fall air!

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