Maybe it sounds crazy, but many of us ‘Cat Ladies’ love to spend a weekend at home – with our cats. In fact, we almost always have our cats in mind when making weekend plans. What type of weekend plans do you make with your cat?

Tips On Making Weekend Plans With Your Cat

Cats, just like dogs, need love and attention. Maybe they don’t beg for it like our canine companions do, but they certainly enjoy special time with their humans. If you’re like us and rarely have a Saturday or Sunday free, maybe it would be a good idea to make weekend plans that are centered around your kitties. Here are some ideas for making your weekend plans…

  1. Cook them some food. While we promote a species appropriate raw diet for all cats, sometimes they enjoy an occasional cooked meal. It’s also good to switch up their diets every now and again. Grab some of their favorite meat at the store and cook them a dinner or treat this weekend. Be sure to not add toxic ingredients like onion, but you know what foods they like best. Treat them to a gourmet feline feast. They’ll thank you for it.
  2. Play with your kitties. With the busy lives that we live it’s usually our cats’ playtime that’s most neglected. Indoor cats rarely get the exercise they need for healthy joint function and it’s in their instinct to run, jump and hunt. Bring out the cat toys (or go buy new ones!) and spend some quality time enjoying your cats’ amazing personalities this weekend.
  3. Cuddle your cats. After a great meal and playtime every cat needs a ‘cat nap’. Lay down on your couch or bed, turn on a good movie, grab your cat’s favorite blanket and let them smurgle until they’re peacefully asleep. There’s not much in this world better than a sleeping feline soul on your lap. Cats that sleep on their humans have immense love and trust for them. Let them trust you and relax.

And soak up each moment because the weekend always ends too quickly!



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