This Christmas season has been a new adventure in our search and recovery efforts. This year, it’s not just about hunting the Christmas balls that have been batted down from the tree… we’ve learned that anything is now fair game. As you saw in last week’s video, our Pooh Bear has made the area under the Christmas tree his new lair… and if something comes up missing, there’s a real good chance it will turn up in his special stash. It’s only December 10th, and we’ve already made some very amusing discoveries…

We’ve also been taking dance lessons. Ok – I’m kidding – but we simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to have some fun with our favorite cat Christmas song! I’m especially impressed with Jae’s ‘leaping’ skills…

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day

This time of year, we enjoy transforming our home into a winter wonderland of copious Christmas decorations… the garland, bows, lights, stockings, snow-globes, candles, wreaths, nutcrackers, snowmen and Santa Clauses – and of course a fully lit Christmas Village! What we don’t have are the festive flowers and foliage.

Mistletoe and Christmas lilies (also known as Easter Lilies) are both (sadly) toxic for cats. While most cats instinctively avoid things that are toxic to them, some simply cannot resist chewing on those pretty leaves. It’s best to forego this holiday decoration altogether.

However, in our home, we’ve made a small compromise… if you (like us) find it difficult to go without these festive plants, consider purchasing some faux flowers. No – it’s not the real deal, but silk foliage can still be beautiful and, best of all, there’s no chance of a Christmas Catastrophe. πŸ˜‰

Also – if you enjoyed our music video today, consider making one yourself! Just click here to create your own special Christmas Cheer! And feel free to share the joy by sharing it with us too! πŸ™‚




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