This week we received an anonymous book in the mail called I Could Pee On This – And Other Poems by Cats. And all we have to say is, “Thank you – whoever you are!” This is also our last episode before CatCon and we can barely contain the excitement…

Fun Feline Facts of The Week:

My fun feline fact is that cats sleep (on average) two thirds of every day. That means a cat that is nine years old has only been awake for three years of its life. Pretty crazy, huh? And we wonder why cats have 9 lives…

Adrienne’s fascinating feline fact of the week is this: Cats that don’t cover up their feces in the litter box are showing you aggression. So if your cat leaves his poop uncovered… he ain’t skeered of you. πŸ™‚

Favorite Moment Of The Week:

My favorite moment of this week may be nerdy, but if you were me (or a numbers geek) you’d get it. We needed to figure out how to track our numbers for the CatCon event and it was rather difficult with the current accounting system we have. But I figured it out! The lessons I learned from this challenge are:

  1. Never give up trying.
  2. There is always a way.

Adrienne’s favorite moment of the week was when she reserved the trailer that we are taking on our road trip this weekend to CatCon (everything CatCon this week!). Her older brother came to town a few weeks back and taught her how to drive the Jeep while pulling a trailer, so we are good to go!

Cat Tip Of The Day:

We are in the midst of flea season, and flea season is also tapeworm season. Fleas often carry the eggs of the worms, so cats can easily contract tapeworms by grooming themselves during this time. When using a worming treatment or prevention – go natural. There are some severe side effects to chemical worming treatments that we don’t have to worry about when using a natural wormer. Don’t take the chance and risk your cat’s health or life. Natural de-wormers work just as well, if not better in most cases, and won’t hurt your furbaby at all.

Check out the book I Could Pee On This online and get a copy for yourself! It’ll make you smile. πŸ™‚


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Flea-eX for Cats



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