This week we received the book I Could Pee On This Too – And More Poems by More Cats. This entertaining read is the sequel to I Could Pee On ThisAnd Other Poems by Cats. Both of these gems are a must-have for cat lovers. They really get into the mind of cats and explain life from their perspective. Having multiple cats, we really love matching up each poem with our babies’ personalities. Get your copy here.

Enjoy our recitation from I Could Pee On This Too 🙂

We also are showing off our new Two Crazy Cat Ladies wine tumblers this week. There are many reasons to drink wine out of a tumbler, and I will tell you a few of them:

  1. No spillage. It’s basically a grownup sippy cup.
  2. Because it’s a sippy cup, you drink slower. This helps your intoxication levels.
  3. It looks really cool and has our logo on it. If you’re interested in purchasing one, contact us.

Favorite Moment of the Week

Most of you know that Adrienne and I love DIY projects… My favorite moment this week was when we finally got rid of our 1989 carpet in our family room. It was time to say goodbye. And life is much better now.

Adrienne’s favorite moment of the week is her favorite moment of every day, ever. And that’s sleeping. 😉

Fun Feline Fact of the Week

This week Adrienne learned that the little tufts of hair in a cat’s ear is called “ear furnishings.” Pretty cool fact. Also cool that I now have a term for my dad’s hair issue in his ears. 😉

I learned that a cat’s hairball is actually called a bezoar. Pronounced ‘bēzôr’ or ‘bay-zore’.

Cat Tip of the Day

The bezoar leads us to the cat tip of the day. If your cat is coughing up hairballs (or bezoars) frequently, this is not normal. They should be able to digest most of the hair that they ingest while grooming. To take control of this problem properly, click here to read about combating hairballs.


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