In case you were wondering, Halloween is Jae’s second most favorite holiday of the year. And in this week’s episode, it really shows. Maybe too much. Case in point: Jae’s new (and treasured) cat leggings. Now, I’ll fully agree – the cats are really cute… but in all honesty, there’s something a little creepy about that many cats staring at you while trying to enjoy a casual conversation. Something about their eyes… they follow you…

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day

In the awesome world of crazy cat lovers, it’s a beautiful thing to be surrounded by like-minded, compassionate people. It’s easy to forget some of the ills in the world and insulate ourselves against some of the sad realities that actually exist ‘out there’.

But Halloween (perhaps more than any other holiday) has a way of bringing some of the ‘scary’ people a little closer to home. While it’s generally not an incredibly intrusive issue – it’s prudent to take some conservative precautions to avoid unnecessary interaction with these folks… especially as they pertain to our fur babies.

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat – bring them inside. Sadly, this doesn’t really need an explanation – it’s just the safe bet. We no longer have any indoor/outdoor kiddos, but when we did we liked to make sure everyone was safe and sound inside for the week before and after Halloween.

Also, if you have skiddish cats, or cats that make Houdini-like escapes, put them in a nice quiet room while you open and close the door all night for all the trick-or-treaters that ring your bell. Jae likes to play soothing music for them (to drown out all the unusual activities). Our Oliver Twist prefers to watch Animal Planet – but the other boys don’t watch TV – so he endures a fine selection of smooth jazz.

When all the Halloween Hoopla is over, spend some quality time with your feline friends – this helps them forgive you for this ‘disgraceful imprisonment’. A nice surprise treat of wet food doesn’t hurt either.

One more thing… I know most cats have no interest in candy. They usually instinctively know not to eat things that are toxic to them. However – I may have prematurely tapped into our Halloween stash of candies last night and was shocked when Mr. Twist made a very brash attempt to steal my Snickers bar… So be warned.



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