Even in Las Vegas, the chill of winter is beginning to creep in… so what better way to avoid the cold than to film a late night episode under bright lights with some whiskey to warm us! We may have tried to warm ourselves a bit too much, as the particular whiskey we imbibed seemed to get the best of us in record time.

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day

With the chill of winter, our thoughts often turn to the stray and abandoned animals in our community. We have an admitted weakness for these sweet babies and are quite powerless when it comes to turning them away or ignoring them. If you notice stray cats in your neighborhood, consider placing an old coat or blanket in a sheltered place in your yard to help them fight the cold of winter.

Our own Oliver Twist is the inspiration for today’s healthy cat tip of the day… more than 8 years ago, this beautiful cat began to frequent our backyard. All through the summer, he would be waiting for us everyday after work and anytime we relaxed in our backyard, he was there to crawl back and forth from lap to lap – purring the whole time. He also had an obvious affection for our indoor cats… talking loudly to them through the back window and trying to sneak in the house every time the back door opened.

Our Oliver Twist (aka - Mr. Twister)

Our Oliver Twist (aka – Mr. Twister)

He was such a lover, we were sure he belonged to someone who cared for him very much… but as winter approached, we couldn’t help but notice how skinny he was. We couldn’t stand it any longer. We put out bowls of food and water… and selected an old coat for him to snuggle up in. We made flyers and posters with his sweet face on them and placed them all over our community. No one called.

After a month, it was time to accept the situation. Oliver Twist had adopted us… and it was time to let him come home – especially since we were about to get the first hard freeze of the season. Not only was he obviously grateful to be warm, he has continued to bring his own special brand of warmth and love to our home every day since we opened that back door and let him in.

We know not every stray or abandoned cat can have the hope of a warm home to be loved in – and some truly prefer to be left alone (even if they are a chilly kitty) – but all cats love a good snuggle spot. So go dig in your closet or linen closet and put that old coat or blanket to good use! 🙂




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