This week we are celebrating Fall! It is our most favorite time of the year. And our boys love this season as well because we open up the windows and they get to breathe in the fresh fall air. 🙂

We are also very excited to introduce to you the pawesome book, Cat Zodiac – an astrological guide to the feline mystique, by Maeva Considine. It is a must have for those of us who rescue kitties. From reading through this book, we feel like we better understand the personalities of each one of our cats!

“Pickles? Mmmmm….”

Favorite Moments of the Week:

Because it’s fall, it also means football season. Now, while I know very little about the game, Adrienne grew up with 4 brothers and they watched and played football all the time – so I’m starting to appreciate it more. Sunday was my favorite moment of the week because we had a relaxing day and got to watch some games together! As with Adrienne, any relaxing day is our favorite moment of the week.

Fun Feline Facts:

This week I learned that cats make about 100 sounds, while dogs only make around 10. I always knew that cats were better than dogs – but this just proves my point further. This is probably also why there are so many cool cat videos online… Cats have different noises for everything!

Adrienne’s fun feline fact is that Abraham Lincoln had 4 cats in the White House while in term as President. It is her belief that this contributed to his success as an awesome president. Maybe we should sign a petition for our next president to have cats as well…?

Cat Tip of the Day

If you have long haired cats, they often times need help with their coats. Brush them often, especially when they’re blowing their coats, and be sure to brush around their rear end area. They like it (even if they act like you’re invading their privacy) and it helps to keep the area clean and safe from feces trapping, if you know what I mean. 😉

Have a CATastic day everyone! Don’t forget to grab your copy of Cat Zodiac and thanks for watching!

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