Do you ever stop and think about how awesome it is to be part of this community of cat lovers? We sure did this week – what a wave of gratitude! Every time someone shares a picture or story of their happy cat in their happy home, we consider it a privilege – one that brings a special joy to our day. Huge thank you to all who’ve shared!

And what better way to experience joy than to share it! In this week’s cat showcase, we share some of the pictures you’ve sent us that have made us smile… Even in the midst of the busiest day, these sweet faces remind us why we are so in love with what we do! Snugglers, sleepers, fuzzy lovers and creepers… these babies will be sure to brighten your day as well. Enjoy!

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day

This week’s tip was spontaneously inspired by a small issue we’re having with one of our cats sharing a litter box… While we have four litter boxes (one for each), Pooh Bear does not appreciate it when one of the other boys uses the box he has deemed his favorite – and rebels by landing a turd outside of the acceptable perimeter. This territorial box issue will one day soon be the topic of our tip of the day – once it’s been resolved. However, today’s tip is about litter in general.

Dust free litter is awesome – and if you have a cat prone to respiratory issues, dust free litter can make a big difference. For years, Jae and I bought bulk, clay-based litter for our babies – our main considerations were odor control, price and the clumping feature. A while back, we started noticing Scotch (our oldest) sneezing more than usual – and usually right after a bathroom break. It didn’t take long to connect the dots… we started doing some research and tried a few different kinds of ‘better’ litter. Nothing was awesome until we found OkoCat. Their all natural, clumping wood litter has been a revolution in our home… not only has it cut down on Scotch’s sneezing, it’s cut way down on the dust in the house (and in my lungs and hair when I scoop). No longer do I loathe litter time… I only wish we had discovered OkoCat sooner! We love it so much, we may have to add it to our own product line!

So – that’s a wrap for this week! Many thanks again for all the pictures and stories.



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