Today’s episode features a short cameo by Oliver Twist, a great Healthy Cat Tip, some fun with Best Friends cat rescue and the hilarious revelation that Jae does not know the lyrics to a popular tune…

This week’s Cat Lovers Rescue Edition, we had the pleasure of working with Best Friends – an awesome no kill organization that is helping our local shelter eliminate euthanasia. A friend let us know they needed volunteers to help with this new pilot program in Las Vegas and we were crazy about the idea. Part of their efforts include a trap and release program with stray and feral cats. Free-range felines that are dropped at the shelter are given a check-up, spayed/neutered, ear tipped and then released back to their ‘homes’. We were shocked to find out that 75% of euthanized animals at this shelter are cats – mostly brought in by animal control or dropped by a concerned citizen hoping they will be adopted. Unfortunately, because of the numbers and limited space, these babies would usually be kept for a few days and then euthanized to make room for more. Best Friends has successfully developed this trap and release program that gives these cats a new lease on life. We are part of the Release Squad – when a cat is ready to be ‘returned to field’, we pick him up and take him home… And these cats sure seem to know where home is – as soon as we open the cage, these babies know exactly which yard they belong to!

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day:

Cats require more than processed food – and you guessed it… anything in a can or a bag is processed. The processing of food is necessary in most pet foods for the same reason that we cook our fish and meat before we eat it. However, we have the luxury of being able to eat fresh foods (like veggies) that are full of nutrients that our bodies need…and cats usually don’t. So we suggest supplementing these nutrients into their daily diets so as to not deprive their bodies of what it needs. We will soon be launching a full line of nutritional products for cats – so stay tuned!





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