This week’s episode is full of random fun and even a little information. Truth be told, taping took much longer than usual – which translates into more wine. And more wine translates into a special song from Jae. Don’t worry, I only included a short clip – but you get the picture. Too much wine.

We were also very excited to answer a few great questions from our Facebook friends… Robert asked about our post from Adventure Cat (you can check them out on Facebook here). Camping and hiking with our cats? Yes Please! We’ve thought seriously about adopting a dog to share in our outdoor adventures, but this post has opened our minds to the possibility of cat inclusion! One of our babies, Oliver Twist, is born for adventure – so we will be sure to keep you posted!

Another question came from Elizabeth who asked if we have any supplements we recommend adding to our cats diets – which leads to our…

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day!

First, we want to be clear that no supplement can ever replace a good quality diet. Cat experts agree that a fully balanced raw diet is best (for protein, nutrients and hydration) but at the very least, all cats should be on a high quality wet food diet (like Weruva).  Yet, just as with people – no matter how ‘good’ we try to eat – it is helpful and healthful to supplement with essential antioxidants and enzymes.

(Shameless plug alert) Our product, CATalyst, is a super potent antioxidant and live enzyme formula in liquid form (easy to add to wet food). It contains essential enzymes (catalase, amylase, lipisase and protease) and superoxide dismutase – the body’s most powerful antioxidant. We’ve seen great results with our own babies (especially our old boys) in mobility and energy. The enzymes help them to better absorb the nutrients in their food and the antioxidants help to cleanse toxins and free radicals from their system which impacts joint function, hair follicles and overall health. If you’re interested in checking out CATalyst for your cat, you’ll see a difference – or your money back with our unconditional money back guarantee. (End of shameless plug).

If you’re interested in learning more about nutrition and diet for cats, check out Dr. Lisa Pierson’s website – awesome lady with unbeatable experience and information. Enjoy!




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