On June 12th, 2016 our country witnessed another senseless act of violence that deeply impacted many. One cowardly and hateful person took 49 lives and left more than 50 injured at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida. Not only were there thousands of locals who immediately responded by giving blood and offering assistance to family and friends, but several animal organizations in Orlando reached out to offer to care for the pets of victims affected in this horrible tragedy.

For those of you who are connected in anyway to the LGBT community, you know that we are some of the biggest animal lovers in this country. In an act of terrorism on this level, it could be easy to forget about the pets of these many victims – but not in this case.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, The Pixel Fund, Pookie Bros. Pet Sitting Company, Winter Park Lost Pets and Conway Critters were among those who immediately reached out to help find fosters, sitters and care for those pets who were left behind or are waiting for their parent to recover in the hospital.

I just can’t imagine how our babies would take it if we left to go dance at a nightclub and never returned home… I am so grateful for these organizations that volunteered their time and efforts to help the pets of victims.

There are no words to express how deeply we grieve for everyone affected in one of the worst mass shootings in American history. This country lost many amazing people. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, lovers, spouses, pet parents… Soldiers, accountants, bouncers, technicians, dancers, salespeople… All taken from us because of one act of hate.

There are some people that are trying to turn this tragedy into a political argument or opportunity. This saddens us. Regardless of our personal or political beliefs, this is a time to deeply consider that we humans have more in common than we have in conflict. We choose to mourn the loss of these many lives, grieve with their devastated families and be grateful for those who have stepped forward to help the injured, the families of the deceased and the pets of  these victims.

We are Orlando.





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