Fall is my favorite time of the year and I believe that my cats feel the same about this glorious season. As soon as the breeze picks up and the weather turns to that purrfect temperature, we open the windows and the fur babies flock to the fresh breeze.

During the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, it seems like we are all cooped up in the house with no fresh air… I almost feel trapped. I’m pretty sure I see the same feeling in my cats…. During these cooped up months, they always just find a place to hide away in the house during the day… and sleep (though they still enjoy running through the house like a herd of elephants at 3 am).

But when autumn falls upon us and the windows open wide – it’s like the whole world gets to take a deep breath of fresh new air… and my cats behave accordingly. Less cat naps, more playtime… they seems to love one another more, and swat (even playfully) one another less. They also keep me smiling with their full stretch cat naps, perched on a window sill with their belly hairs blowing in the breeze. How do they do that?

Now, I do realize that cats are very intuitive beings… and mine often take on my mood. Have you ever been angry or upset for a prolonged period of time and your cats seem to be lethargic or depressed? It’s been a big reality check for us at times – realizing that our negativity is affecting our most precious feline friends. It’s a good reason to meditate, go for a walk or do whatever you need to do to change your ‘cattitude’ and energy. I’m definitely one of those people whose mood changes with the weather. It’s just part of my nature to feel much more alive, vibrant and happy during the fall season… perhaps my babies are ‘seasonal’ as well… or perhaps I should strive for an ‘autumn cattitude’ all year long…

You know what they say – perspective is 9/10s of the truth, right? Either way, I choose to believe that our cats love the fall season just as much as we do.

So open your windows. Go outside. Breathe in this fresh autumn air – and be happy. Because there is nothing better than a house full of happy cats and cat parents.




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