Scooping litter is not our favorite part of sharing life with cats. It is, however, an incredibly important part of providing a good life for our feline friends.

Here’s why: Cats are very clean Beings. You’ll notice that your cats spends much of his waking hours fastidiously grooming himself. They are also incredibly sensitive to scent. Cats have 200 million scent sensors. Compare that to the roughly 40 million scent sensors we human have. This makes it easy to understand why scent can influence our cats in ways we may not realize – from smelling our stress to knowing a new stray has entered the neighborhood.

Now go stick your nose in their litter boxes. Is it clean? What does it smell like?

And scooping litter is actually more important that just being considerate of your cat.

Guess how many cats start house soiling because scooping litter isn’t a priority for their humans.

House soiling is one of the top reasons cats are returned to shelters. And guess how many cats with house soiling issues are adopted. Guess how many are euthanized.

Here’s the scoop on scooping litter:

  1. Make it a daily priority. Cats need a clean place to do their business. Bathroom time is a vulnerable time for cats so let’s make it as comfortable as possible. Check your schedule and pick a routine time every day that you can do this. Routine reduces stress in our kitties – and reducing stress around vulnerable experience is a good place to start. Putting mealtimes and playtime on a routine will also help enrich your cat’s life.
  2.  Scent is Significant. Please don’t think that adding a fragranced litter to the box is doing your cat any favors. In fact, you’re doing more harm than good by making your cat endure a synthetic cloud crap. This is especially awful for cats with respiratory issues like asthma. Just don’t do it. Scented litters were made with people in mind. Not our cats.
  3. Pee and Poop Preference. Did you know that most cats prefer to pee in one box and poop in another? One cat should have two litter boxes. As a rule, we should always have one more box than we have cats.

Keep in mind – if your cat starts house soiling suddenly, get a vet check. This is often a way our cats will let us know they do not feel well. It’s important to be sure house soiling isn’t caused by an underlying health issue. If your cat is healthy and you’re finding unwelcome surprises around your home, let’s evaluate the litter scooping schedule.

Ask yourself: Would I want to poop in an already pooped in pot?


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