Sure. Farts can be funny. But if you smell your cat farting a lot you know the funny is over. And it’s not just because of the fumes.

A fun fact about cats is that it’s actually more common for a cat to burp. I know, it’s unseemly to talk about any majestic cat burping or farting – but it happens. And for the most part it’s completely normal if it’s only the occasional let-out of excess air (from either end).

The reason this is an important topic is because if your cat is farting (or burping for that matter) more than occasionally, it’s time to pay attention.

First – let’s cover some common causes for feline flatulence. Your cat may blow the butt bugle because they’ve swallowed too much air while eating. If your kitty scarfs down their food too fast, it may be a good idea to look into a slow-feeder, puzzle feeders, or even elevated dishes.

Another normal reason your cat may occasionally toot the turd whistle is because they ate something that didn’t agree with their tummy. Just as with humans, this can lead to a stinky case of bubble guts. Worth noting that as obligate carnivores, cat’s are not designed to digest foods that are high in carbohydrates or plant proteins. Sometimes a simple change to a more species appropriate diet can alleviate the butt burps altogether.

However – if your cat’s tailwind is a regular issue, it’s time for a vet visit. Especially if has started suddenly. Keep a journal of when you first noticed the issue and its regularity to give your vet some context. It could be something simple like an infection or parasite. More seriously, it could be a symptom of a brewing disease – like IBD or CKD. Some endocrine disorders – like hyperthyroidism – and certain types of cancer can also cause this issue.

The bottom line is: Ignoring your cat’s frequent floofs can backfire. Be proactive about getting to the reason behind the stinky squeakers to give your cat – and your nose – some relief.



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