Cats are known for being stoic and hard to read. We often rely on clues to understand our cats – and if your cat stops eating, it’s a clue we need to take very seriously.

In multiple cat households it can be difficult to keep an eye on who eats what. This is a great reminder that routine mealtimes help us cat parents monitor the appetite of individual cats. This is so important for catching an issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

So – let’s not panic if your cat skips a meal. It’s not uncommon for cat’s to self-regulate food intake or just get picky occasionally. If you cat has gone 24 hours without eating a bite, then we have an issue to investigate. Serious medical issue are caused if a cat stops eating for more than 2 days, so it’s critical to find out why.

Why Did My Cat Stop Eating?

It could be as simple as a tummy ache. It’s possible for a cat to eat something that doesn’t agree with them – just like humans. Dental issues are also a big culprit of appetite issues. More than 70% of cats will suffer some kind of dental issue by the time they are 3 years old. Regular dental check are critical to avoiding this painful appetite ‘suppressant’.

Changes is a cat’s environment can also contribute to a loss of appetite. Traveling or moving into a new home can be so stressful for some cats that they will stop eating. If you have a move in the near future, check out these 15 tips to help make it less stressful for everyone!

Many vaccines list ‘loss of appetite’ as a side-effect. Be sure to always weigh the risk of disease vs the risk of side-effects before allowing a vaccination – and never vaccinate an ill or injured kitty.

Importantly, serious health issues can also cause cats to stop eating. Sometimes it’s the first ‘symptom’ we notice – which is why it’s so important to investigate the cause as soon as possible. Kidney disease, cancers, diabetes, pancreatitis, liver issues, hyperthyroidism – all can cause a complete loss of appetite.

Food is the foundation of health – and should be enjoyed by our cats and ourselves! If there’s something getting in the way of a healthy appetite, it’s time to consult your veterinarian to rule out any serious health issues and get your cat back to eating and feeling their best!



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