Have you thought about using colors when it comes to your cat’s health issues? Color therapy has been used since ancient times to aide in healing both animals and humans.

I get it… it sounds a bit ‘woo woo’ to use colors to support health, but think about it. Have you ever gone into a room where the walls are painted a certain color and it makes you feel sick or icky? Do you have a favorite blanket that makes you feel warm and fuzzy? “The basis of color therapy is that different colors evoke different responses from every individual.

Energy is everything. We are all made of energy and every single object is also energetic. The ancient Egyptians used color therapy to heal health because the right colors will help balance the body’s energy centers.

We can use this same practice when it comes to our kitties. Tapping into your kitty’s energy system using colors can help both physical and emotional issues they may be dealing with. Regardless of the health problem your cat is facing, this simple and free tactic can help greatly.

For ideas on which colors will match best for your cat’s situation, click here.

The color of the blankets, bedding, harnesses and even toys can affect your cat’s energy. If you’re unsure what colors will benefit your kitty the most, let them pick! Many cats will self-select what their bodies need when it comes to colors. Since we don’t see colors in the same way felines do, try laying out different color blankets or towels and see which one(s) your cat gravitates toward.

Here’s the thing, even if you don’t believe in the concept, it cannot hurt to try with your kitties! Give it a go and let us know if you see a difference!



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