Warning: This subject is controversial.

We speak with cat parents every day that are wondering if they should or should not take their vet’s advice. The truth is, there’s not one set answer for this. The question we ask in response is, do you trust your veterinarian?

We all know someone who’s doctor told them they only had a few months to live and they didn’t listen – and lived several more years by choosing a different healing route. Is every case a miracle? Or do some people just take their health into their own hands?

Every cat parent needs a veterinarian. Stuff happens and we can’t always ‘fix’ our kitties when things go wrong. Finding a vet that you know, love and trust isn’t always easy – but it is possible. Do some research on veterinarians in your area and start opening up conversation with them. It’s much harder to take a vet’s advice if they’ve only seen your cat in emergency cases. Let them meet your kitty before things go wrong.

Now… even if you love your vet, sometimes you’ll still question their advice or prescription. That’s fine too. The truth is that you know your cat best. Sometimes your gut will tell you that it’s time to take your cat’s health into your own hands. Bravo to you for listening to your gut in these situations.

Getting a professional opinion is always recommended if something is ailing your kitty. Veterinarians go to school to learn how to properly diagnose sick pets, so use their services for this. Ask questions so you can be clear on what’s going on. Once you know what’s wrong, you can decide what route to take to help heal your cat.

We’ve been recommended a prescription diet for our cats several times throughout the years. We’ve never taken a vet’s advice on this – even if we love and trust them. This is because we know that there are better diets out there that suit our cats’ health needs better. We appreciate the advice, but in these cases we choose not to take it.

In other instances we’ve had to put our cats on medications that we don’t like – but we know they need it – because of the advice from a vet. Usually we are glad that we took that advice.

So what I’m trying to say is this: Find a vet you trust. Take your cat in for annual wellness checks. Listen to their advice and suggestions but trust your gut when it comes to the health of your cat.

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