As more and more cat parents start learning about the harm that many pet foods and vaccinations cause, we’re also looking for more informed vets. Traditional vet practices are easy to find, but what if you’re looking for a holistic vet for your cat?

Looking For A Holistic Vet For Your Cat?

While we believe that all veterinarians love animals and want the best for them, much of the industry isn’t nutritionally inclined. Even many veterinarian nutritionists are recommending foods that aren’t healthy for our pets. Cat parents are beginning to understand that they cannot solely rely on their vet to ensure the health of their kitties.

Many conventional vet clinics are owned by MARS, believe it or not. When the practice is run by multi-billion dollar companies, vets are required to follow a specific protocol with our pets. They’re not actually allowed to ‘follow their gut‘ or offer advice outside of approved protocol. Vets who don’t follow the rules can lose their license to practice veterinarian medicine.

As an example: Scotch, our oldest cat, needed a tooth extraction at age 18. All cats should be in good health to undergo any kind of surgery, and Scotch was in excellent overall health (other than this issue!). Three veterinarians at different practices informed us that it’s against protocol to put a “senior” cat under anesthesia – and they would not risk losing their license. We had to find another vet who wasn’t bound by corporate rules in order to treat our sweet Scotch Man.

Holistic or integrative vets will be able to treat your cat as a whole being (not a number on a pad of paper) and are well versed in nutrients that the body needs. Your cat won’t be over medicated or over vaccinated by a veterinarian like this. is, thus far, the only reference we’ve found that helps cat parents find an integrative or holistic veterinarian. The good news is that the list keeps growing. Ten years ago we couldn’t find a single holistic vet listed in our area. Now there are several.



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