Sometimes it’s the simple things that are easiest to overlook. However, neglecting the simple things can  really affect those around you – and even give your cat allergies.

Not long ago, I walked into the cats room and noticed that their blankets were covered in hair and dust. Later I picked up their beds and realized they were filthy. Interesting that I had spent the last few days wondering why sneezing had increased so much in our home.

Neglecting to keep clean the areas that our cats lay on, walk on and play on will affect their health negatively. We think ourselves fairly clean people, but it’s easy to neglect certain areas of the house – especially if you don’t see it all the time. The blanket at the top of the cat tree that’s taller than me? Neglected.

Dust mites and dirt creates allergens that our cats breathe in. This can give our cats allergies and cause undesirable results – like lots of cat snot around the house. Believe me, cat snot is much harder to clean up than dust and hair.

We wouldn’t sleep on a dirty bed – so why would we make our cats sleep in filth? If you’re like me, you have a day or two of the week that you do laundry and some cleaning around the house. Put it into your consciousness to grab the cat beds, blankets, etc. and do an extra load of laundry on cleaning day. Simple! Neglect no more!

Side note: Make sure that you use natural laundry detergent when cleaning your cat’s bedding. I know that it’s more expensive, but the chemicals from laundry detergent can sometimes be more harmful than the dirt itself. We currently use the expensive stuff for all the bedding in the house and the cheap stuff for our clothes. The good stuff lasts a lot longer this way. We’ll work on our own health when we make more money. 😉


All Natural Help for Allergies


Oxy-Cat 1 oz



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