What are free radicals in cats?

Free radicals are the villains of so many illnesses in cats these days. They are the cause of aging and disease in humans as well. Free radicals in cats build up as a result of pollutants – whether that be from the diet, stress, medications, air pollution, etc. It’s inevitable that our cats will have some sort of free radical build up over the course of their lifetime (so will we).

Free radicals are little unstable atoms that attack the organs and joints of our kitties, causing anything from arthritis to cancer.

The good news?

Antioxidants are the heroes that stop free radicals in cats from being able to continue causing damage. They go into our kitties’ bodies – guns blazing – and attack the free radicals. Some antioxidants, like Superoxide Dismutase, not only kill free radicals in cats, they also reverse much of the damage they’ve already created.

Scientific evidence has proven that cats that consume antioxidants live longer and healthier lives than those that don’t. This is because free radicals aren’t able to cause the damage they’d like.

I think we all want our cats to live the long and healthy lives they deserve. Knowing that simply providing them with daily antioxidant intake will increase longevity of life – why wouldn’t we provide that?

An antioxidant rich diet is a great way to insure your cat has protection against free radicals. This will come in the form of a non-processed fresh food diet. If you are unable to feed your cat a fresh or raw food diet you can supplement in antioxidants (more below video).

If you’re like us, you do both. We can’t have enough heroes in our kitties’ bodies, so we feed an antioxidant rich raw food diet and add antioxidant supplements to their food as well. Our oldest will be 21 this year and we’ve seen first-hand the difference antioxidants make reducing free radicals in cats.



Antioxidant Enzyme Supplement for Cats


CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula – 2 oz



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