If you follow our blog you know that we highly endorse the use of antioxidant rich diets and supplements for cats. We try to keep it simple, but sometimes the issues that our cats experience are, well, not that simple. Cancer, for instance, is not simple. It’s downright heart-wrenching when one of our cats is diagnosed with cancer – so I’d like to offer some helpful information on cats, cancer and antioxidants. Hopefully you’ll walk away feeling a little more hopeful after reading this.

Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are still the most common veterinarian treatments for cats with cancer, but holistic vets are seeing an increase in success rates when adding antioxidant supplements to the therapy treatment. The increased survival rate for cats who are taking antioxidant supplements throughout their cancer treatment is phenomenal – with a survival rate of up to 2 years longer than that of cats only taking the traditional treatments with no supplementation.

What antioxidants do is kill-off and remove free radicals from the cells in your cat’s body. Free radicals are nasty little molecules that build up in the body over time. Whenever there is accelerated cell damage (ie: during cancer and conventional cancer treatments), more free radicals will grow and begin fighting against the good cells left in the body. If the free radicals aren’t removed, the body will eventually die. Think of it like this: Free radicals are villains and antioxidants are the superheroes that eliminate the villains.

Simply put, when the body is supported with the building blocks needed to maintain healthy cells and repair damaged ones, healing from within can begin.

Think of it like this: Free Radicals are Villains and Antioxidants are the Superheros that eliminate the Villains.

Some conventional vets will advise their clients to not use antioxidant supplements because they may interfere with the cancer treatment – but there are no studies that can back up that assumption. To the contrary, there are many holistic vets who prescribe antioxidant treatments for cats with cancer and have recorded impressive success rates and improved prognosis nearly every time. The use of antioxidants helps to both kill cancer cells faster and reduced the speed of their growth. cats, cancer

So if your cat is dealing with cancer and going through a traditional treatment, consider the statistics and consult your veterinarian about antioxidant therapy. If your cat doesn’t have cancer, why not use antioxidant supplementation as a preventative? We do – for ourselves and our cats. The build-up of free radicals in our bodies comes from  many sources – both in and all around us – and the cell damage from these free radicals impact our overall health in countless ways. Antioxidants are our greatest allies against free radicals and it’s never too soon experience their benefits. It feels great to have the superhero on our side. 🙂


Antioxidant Support for Cats with Cancer


CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula – 2 oz

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