Should You Be Brushing Your Cat Regularly?

Because cats groom themselves on a regular basis, many cat parents don’t spend much time brushing their cats. There are actually many benefits to brushing your cat that you may not realize. Let’s talk about the benefits of the cat grooming experience.

Benefits to brushing your cat:

  1. Attention. Most cats don’t get the one-on-one attention that other pets do. They appear to be independent animals, but they greatly appreciate feeling loved – and brushing your cat regularly is one way to give them the extra special attention they deserve.
  2. Undercoat & Hairballs. All cats blow their coats at least twice yearly. Brushing your cat will help get rid of excess hair that they will otherwise digest, possibly causing hairballs. In the warmer months of the year this will also help keep them cool. Using a fine metal bristled brush to take away the undercoat will help ensure that the new hair grows back correctly as well.
  3. Skin Oils. Just like humans, the oils in the skin are important for cats. Brushing your cat helps to distribute the oils evenly throughout the body, making healthier skin and a healthier kitty!
  4. Prevention. Spending time grooming your cats allows you to check their coat and skin for lumps, sores or flea problems that may need further attention. Doing this on a regular basis may just save you from hefty vet bills and save your cat’s life!

If your cats are like ours, they love being brushed. Long-haired cats will need more attention than domestic short-haired kitties but all cats benefit from grooming time with their guardian. The more hair they have the more likely they will get tangles and mats that are uncomfortable for them. Keep your feline friends feeling loved, cherished, sexy and smooth by brushing them on a regular basis.


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