Even though there may be little chance of your cats contracting this virus, the rabies shot is mandatory in all 50 US states. Rabies is a virus that causes inflammation in the brain and spinal cord of the affected human or animal. When an animal or a human contracts rabies, if it’s not treated early, sadly death can be the final result.

For this reason the rabies vaccines is required by law with a few exceptions, which we will get to later. The first rabies shot is usually given to our cats when they are kittens. This first shot has to be a one year rabies vaccine. Most people think once you get that first shot you need to head back to the vet year after year to get your booster. Well good news for you and your cats! There is a 3 year rabies vaccine which you can get after the initial shot. This is a much safer alternative to getting the shot every year!!!

Rabies Vaccine Detox

Another suggestion when it comes to the rabies shot is to do a simple detox afterwards. The homeopathic called Lyssin 30c is great for detoxing after a rabies vaccine. Some people like to let the pellets melt in water first but for me I just simply take 3 to 5 pellets and place them directly into the cat’s mouth. You want to refrain from touching it (as this can lessen the effects) and give it away from food and water. You can give it anytime after the rabies shot even a few months later.

As mentioned above there are some exceptions to every pet getting the rabies shot. If your pet is sick with cancer, allergies, ear infections etc; you want to either wait until they are completely healthy or consider running a titer to make sure they are protected from rabies. A titer is a simple blood test that shows whether your cat is protected or not.

Vaccines are lovely tools to help keep our pets happy and healthy. Detoxing them after getting the rabies vaccine is a great way to try and avoid any adverse effects.


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