Toxins are everywhere. In the air, on your furniture and most definitely in the chemical products we use in and around our kitties. Because our cats are so small, they have to process and flush through just as many of the toxins as humans do in our homes. This can take a toll on a cat’s liver, but we can implement a simple herb into their feeding routine that can keep that liver healthier.

Traditional flea treatments, whether given topically or internally, are literally toxic (which is why they usually work to kill fleas) and have to be processed through a feline’s organs. Antibiotics, steroids and other medications we give our cats also have to be flushed through their systems. Even our household cleaners are proven to be in our cats’ blood streams.

We never thought about how our cleaners or home fragrances affected our kitties. I’ve always loved the smell of bleach, floor and glass cleaners. The first time I got a Swiffer wet jet for Christmas I was in heaven! It never occurred to me that these cleaners are absorbed into our cats through their paw pads. And the beautifully scented plug-ins and candles? I always made sure that the house smelled clean. That was, until we learned that these things harm our feline family members.

Milk Thistle To Help Detox Your Cat’s Liver

Listen, we can’t avoid ALL toxins. Just like humans, our cat’s liver can do a good job of expelling certain chemicals when healthy. Milk thistle, however, is cited as being the most liver-restoring herb on the planet. It’s easily accessible and can be easily added to our kitties’ regular meals to help detox their liver.

Your cat’s liver has the job of flushing out toxins from the body. Since we cannot avoid all toxins, it is a good idea to use this herb to help keep your cat’s liver happy, healthy and functioning well.

If your cat has recently been given a flea medication or other harsh chemical medication, add milk thistle to your cat’s daily meals for 4-6 weeks to help them better flush and expel the toxins!



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