When we have an acute issue, like a headache, we simply pop an over the counter pill. Because of this, you may be tempted to give your cat presumably harmless human medicine too. Before you do this, please take caution.

As much as we don’t want to hear or believe it, our cats are not human. I know, I know they are our babies but we have to remember they are not human especially when it comes to giving them human medications. Cats metabolise medications very differently from people. With that being said even the most benign medication we take can cause serious poisoning in cats.

If we notice our cat is having some pain or is not feeling good, it’s normal to want to give them something to help ease their discomfort. Heck, if a medicine works on us, it’s only normal to think it might help our cats too. Please do not give your cats ANY human medication without first consulting with your vet. It could be a deadly mistake.

We need to be sure to keep all medications out of the reach of our kitties to avoid accidental ingestion. Our kitties are curious about just about everything!  Some of us have silly kitties that get into everything! They open cabinets and drawers when we are not looking and there is always the possibility they can get into something they shouldn’t have.

In case this happens you need to be ready. If you suspect your cat got into any human medication, call your vet immediately.   Another number ALL pet parents should have on hand is Pet Poison Control: 888-426-4435. Depending on what your cat got into there might be some antidotes or you may need to induce vomiting. Again, first talk to your vet or pet poison control first because there are cases where inducing vomiting can be harmful.

So if you see Fluffy is in pain or having any issues, please do not give her any human medicine without talking to your vet first and make sure to keep your medications out of reach. Your cat’s life can depend on it.


Recommended Detox Supplement for Cats


Oxy-Cat 1 oz



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