Electromagnetic radiation, often called EMFs, are invisible pieces of energy produced by electricity. Scientists are currently studying how they affect the health of humans and pets. One of the biggest culprits they’ve found is wireless devices like internet routers. Just like other dangerous household items, EMFs tend to affect our cats more than us.

According to Animal Wellness Magazine, “Numerous studies reveal that the homeostasis within our bodies – and those of our dogs and cats — is dramatically affected by these increasing EMR levels, with negative consequences on health.” Because cats are much less domesticated than us (and a fraction of the size), it makes sense that this type of radiation would have a bigger impact on them.

The National Cancer Institute is studying to find out if these electromagnetic radiations contribute to the up rise of cancer in children. So far they do not have conclusive data, but they keep the studies going to be on the safe side.

Holistic Hound says, “Most scientists agree that we still need a lot more research on the effects of EMFs on animals and people, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be taking precautions and limiting our exposure to EMFs as much as possible. EMF exposure can have serious health effects on all of our biological systems and is potentially a carcinogen. To minimize the effects of EMF, we should take steps to limit our EMF exposure.

Here are a few steps we can take to protect our cats and ourselves from EMFs

  1. Put your devices out of reach of your cats. I realize that this isn’t possible for everything. We have to work on our laptops each day and there’s no way we can keep our cats off of them. However, something we can do is shut them down when we go to sleep. Items like routers and modems can also be placed up high or covered properly.
  2. Turn off your electronics when they aren’t being used. This is important for our kitties. If you’re not using a computer, television or phone, just shut it down. Since you won’t be using the internet while sleeping (hopefully), you can unplug your router before bed. Not only will this help lessen the EMF load, it will also help your internet work better!

We can’t cancel the internet or electricity because our lives are centered upon these things. However, we can do better at keeping the radiation from them as low as possible in our homes!


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