Spring is upon us and summer is just around the corner! When the weather gets too hot for us to handle, we need to remember that cats feel heat just like us. Cats may love to snuggle up in a warm sunny spot near the window during chilly months, but you’ll find them looking for cooler spots in the warm seasons.

Can Cats Feel Heat Like Us?

Cats do not tolerate heat any better than we do. Unlike humans, cats are not able to sweat and cool their bodies. Cats can feel the heat, just like us, but they have a harder time finding relief from the high temperatures. This is why it’s best to have a fan or air conditioner available for our kitties when it gets hot.

Outdoor cats will find a shady spot to rest during warm days and do their hunting at night. Part of the reason for this is the temperature difference. Nights are cooler and more comfortable for felines.

Indoor cats need access to cool spots during hot seasons. For the same reason you would never leave a pet in a hot car you should also not leave them locked up in a hot house. If you’re trying to keep your utility bills low during the summer by shutting off your AC when you go to work, please remember to have a fan or some other type of cooling device available for your kitties. It’s also helpful to feed them a moisture rich diet during the summer to avoid dehydration.

Felines are at risk of heat exhaustion and even heat strokes in the summer if not given relief from the hot weather. If you notice your kitty panting or drooling in the heat, give her water immediately and contact your vet.

Keeping you cat cool during the warm months will make her a happier healthier kitty!


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