We use so many chemical cleaners in our homes. I mean they smell lovely and clean great, so what’s the issue? These chemical household cleaners we use on our counters and floors affect our cats’ health. Because they walk on these surfaces, any chemicals we use will be absorbed into their bloodstream. But what about cleaners that are not on our floors or counters? Say, like a toilet bowl cleaner? Could toilet bowl cleaner harm your cats too?

There are toxins found in virtually all cleaning products such as laundry detergent, window cleaners, floor cleaners, multi surface cleaners, air fresheners, some cat litters and yes even toilet bowl cleaners can be harmful to your cats too.

Our kitty cats walk around our homes every day with no socks or shoes on. Their bare feet, um I mean paws are in direct contact with the floors, counters and furniture. Heck even an indoor cat can be exposed to toxic lawn chemicals just from us walking on them and bringing them in on our shoes. Our feline friends’ cute little paws are like little sponges absorbing all those toxic chemicals.

Here at the Two Crazy Cat Ladies we have written blogs and created cat tips on the dangers of household chemical cleaners. Something that we all just recently learned is the dangers of toilet bowl cleaners! You might be thinking I can see this being dangerous if your dog or cat drinks from the toilet which YES, that is bad but there is more…

Does toilet bowl cleaner harm your cats?

Did you know when you flush your toilet aerosolized droplets are released? Here is a little blurb from WebMd: “Droplets were detected at heights of up to 5 feet for 20 seconds or longer after initiating a flush, the findings showed.” which is gross and alarming, but it’s not too concerning to our kitties, right? Not so fast! If you’re cleaning your toilet with harsh chemicals, not only are the “regular” droplets released but droplets with toxic chemicals. These end up in the air and on the floor. Then your cat comes to visit you while you are doing your business only to step in this toxic field.

The moral of the story is, when trying to be proactive in your cat’s health, a major thing you may want to consider is getting rid of ALL your toxic chemical cleaners including your toilet bowl cleaner and go nontoxic and natural!



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