Quite understandably, we’ve had many questions about cats and the coronavirus during these past few weeks. If you’re wondering if your cat can catch COVID-19, this blog is for you.

It was recently reported that a tiger at the Bronx Zoo exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 and subsequently tested positive. Reports of other cats and dogs testing positive in China (after their owners were diagnosed with the virus) have also been circulating.

A study conducted in China a few weeks ago focused on the transmission of this virus to cats and ferrets. The study intentionally administered 100,000 virus particles to each animal – directly in their noses. Unfortunately, the study found that these cats then tested positive. The conclusion? Cats can indeed carry COVID-19.

So what does this mean?

First, we think it’s important to be aware of these findings while also exercising a practical response.

We will continue treating our cats as we always have – as family members. This means if we think we have been exposed to the virus or feel ill, we will practice appropriate distancing from all family members – including our cats. We will continue to practice common-sense cleaning and hygiene.

What we will not do is panic – and encourage each of you to remain calm as well.

We also want to practice perspective. We spoke with a friend of ours about all this (a doctor for humans), and she reminded us of the body’s incredible ability to resist these viruses.  While the world is focused on finding a needed cure, she emphasized the significance of the recovery rate. She also pointed out the many cases of people carrying the virus that remained asymptomatic – and the power of a healthy immune system.

What can we do?

During this crisis – and especially as new information emerges every day – we are reminded of the importance of being proactive with our health and the health of our cats. As advocates of cat health, we have long focused on the power of prevention. We daily provide our cats healthy food, exercise and supportive supplementation. Especially vitamin C right meow. Admittedly we do a much better job of supporting our cats’ healthy immune systems than we do our own. It’s time to change that.

What about you? What things are you doing for your health and the health of your kitties? Share a comment below and let’s all grow more healthy habits together!

We believe every situation – even a crisis – provides an opportunity. This pandemic reminds us that each day is a gift – and every life is precious. We are all in this together – and we have the opportunity to emerge from this situation stronger, healthier and happier than ever before. Let’s do this!

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