Can I Give My Cat Human Medications?

Look. Cats are not people. I know you know that, but when something happens to our kitties we often revert to the protocols we use ourselves. Giving a cat human medications should not be a go-to approach because you can often make a bad situation worse.

There are human medications that can also be given to your cat, but don’t assume you know what those are – and do not blindly believe a Google search. If your kitty needs immediate attention, contact a vet first. This will ensure you are not unknowingly poisoning your cat.

We’ve heard too many stories about cat parents who administer Tylenol or Advil to their cat because they are in pain and inadvertently harm them instead. Pain medications are especially toxic to cats because of their biology. A chemical doesn’t always fix everything. Even if it seems to be the elixir for you.

Human medications are not created with your cat in mind. They are developed to address specific issues related to the human body only. And yes, I’m talking about the over the counter, insignificant medications as well.

I recently had someone ask me if she could put Neosporin on a rash her cat had. The first thought was “of course, why not?” – but I stopped and thought about it before responding. Our kitties lick and clean themselves, so in essence our cats ingest whatever it is we put on the outer layers of their bodies as well. Would you feed your cat Neosporin? Probably not… so I advised this person to contact a veterinarian before administering any human medications to her cat.

It’s important for us to take caution before giving our cat human medications, or any medications for that matter.

There are several… TONS… of home remedies and natural treatments that will help your cat without risk of side effects. If you’re in a situation and need immediate help, try these first. 🙂



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