Because the term ‘pets‘ is usually used to describe both dogs and cats, many cat parents think dogs and cats are synonymous nutritionally. This is not always so. Some products that are meant for dogs can actually be toxic to cats. Be sure to read the labels before use to ensure the products safe for cats.

If you’re on social media, you’ve likely seen the viral post about the cat that died after being given a dog flea treatment. This is due to a high concentration of an ingredient called permethrin that’s in chemical flea treatments for dogs. This ingredient is toxic to cats and can cause seizures, respiratory illness and even death.

In addition to flea medications, there are several plants and oils that cats are much more sensitive to than dogs. Many essential oils have caused terrible health issues when used on or around our feline friends. Always know the source of the products you use.

Dogs and cats are not synonymous so we shouldn’t treat them as such. While there are many products that are good for both dogs and cats, it’s best if we purchase products that are made with cats in mind if using them for our kitties.

To take it a step further, I wouldn’t recommend using any products on your dog that could be toxic to cats. Aside from the fact that they can cross contaminate, if there’s something toxic in your product, why would you give it to your dog? Just because it claims to be safe for dogs doesn’t mean it’s healthy for them.

When treating your cat for any pest or ailment, only buy products safe for cats. Don’t take chances with your sweet kitties. Do your research. Read those labels. There’s healthy help available just for cats. And plenty of natural products on the market that can help your cat fight her battle without risking her health.


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