For some reason there’s still a myth out there that cats should be eating dry kibble, but nothing could be further from the truth. Some old school veterinarians still believe that a moist diet will cause dental disease and kibble is good for a cat’s teeth. This is an antiquated way of thinking and research shows that wet food is better than dry for our desert companions.

As desert animals, cats have a low thirst drive by nature. Have you ever noticed that your cat doesn’t drink much from the water bowl like your dog does? If your kitty drinks from the water fountain often it’s time to get her in for a checkup, because this isn’t normal. Cats were designed to get the majority of the moisture that their bodies need from their food.

Why Wet Food Is Better Than Dry Food For Your Cat

The prey that cats kill and devour in the wild is 75%-85% water. As obligate carnivores, cats need to consume animal protein as their main source of nutrition. This is why those hydrolyzed protein diets that big pet food brands are marketing makes my skin crawl. Don’t feed that!!!

Cats that are fed a dry food only diet are living in a state of dehydration at all times. You don’t want your sweet kitty to be dehydrated, right? Dehydration leads to other illnesses like urinary infections and even kidney disease. Wet food is also 75%+ moisture, so wet food allows cats to get the hydration they need from their food. This is the main reason why wet food is better than dry food for kitties.

Let’s get back to the dental argument. The truth is, any food that your cat consumes can lead to tarter build up. Some think dry food is good for the teeth because it’s crunchy and can chip off that tarter. The problem is, kibble’s full of starches and carbohydrates, which isn’t good for the teeth. It’s like saying that we can just eat potato chips instead of brushing our teeth. What dentist would recommend that?

We feed our cats a species appropriate raw diet, which is great for the teeth because it has bones for the “crunch” and live nutrients that support dental health. That being said, food is not a replacement for dental checkups. If you can brush your cat’s teeth, that’s ideal, but even that should not negate dental visits at your vet’s office.

In conclusion, do your best to feed your cat moist food as often as possible. If your cat refuses wet food, click here. To make the transition to a species appropriate raw food diet, click here.


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