Does your cat’s poop stink tremendously bad? If this is a normal occurrence in your home, we need to take a look at diet. However, if this is a sudden change we may want to take a deeper look into his health.

Naturally a poop is going to have some odor to it. However, if every time your cat goes potty you need to open a window and you’re rushing to scoop the box, we’ll want to take a closer look at why it’s so stinky.

Things to consider when your cats poop is extremely stinky:

Diet: Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they need to eat meat to survive. Grains are not needed in our felines diet and simply removing them might solve the stinky poop issue. Grains can cause digestive issues which can make the stools smell foul. If you suspect something in their diet is causing your cat’s poop to stink, try an elimination diet to see what foods might be causing the issue.

Digestion Issues: If our cat’s poop stinks like none other, it could be due to fillers in the food. This causes digestive problems. Cat’s diets with a lot of fillers have more stinky waste coming out. Cats that are on a species appropriate diet will have smaller, formed poops with very little stink. This is because unlike processed kibble diets, where the cat doesn’t process most of the ingredients, on a species appropriate diet, the  digestive system absorbs all that it can from the raw, fresh food and expels only the bare minimum.

Worms and parasites: Both worms and parasites can cause your cat’s poop to become excessively stinky. We recommend to do a fecal on your kitty to be sure he/she is clear from parasites and worms. If you get the stool checked and it comes back as having worms, we highly recommend using a natural wormer such as WormeX.

If your cat’s stools suddenly become more foul smelling, are very dark in color or are loose, we recommend seeking a Vet evaluation as this can be signs of more concerning issues.


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