Ah… kittens. Every cat lover can’t get enough of their little fuzzy cuteness. But when it comes to raising them, a question we often get is what should you feed kittens? As responsible cat parents, we want to know the best way to raising healthy vibrant kitties. After all, it’s best if we can start our cats on the road to a long healthy life at a young age.

What Should You Feed Kittens And When Should You Switch Them To Real Food?

Getting your kitten started early on a healthy diet is imperative. Not only will a balanced fresh food diet help their bones and organs develop properly, but you’ll have many less issues with picky eaters down the road. Feeding kittens raw and/or canned food diets instead of dry kibble will increase their overall health tremendously. Kittens have underdeveloped immune systems, so we need to feed them a balanced, high quality diet to help reduce risk of disease. In all cases, we are either feeding health or we are feeding disease. Feed your kittens health.

Each growing cat will be slighting different on their weaning schedule. Most kittens can start eating ‘real food’ at about 4-5 weeks of age. If you have a kitten that still wants her mother’s milk at this age, don’t fret. Even kittens know what their bodies are telling them to eat and they get many benefits from mother’s milk. Make the option of fresh food available to them around this time so they have the choice.

Just like raising a child, we have to ensure that our kittens get the nutrients that their bodies need. It’s our responsibility as cat parents to feed kittens the healthy foods they deserve. Make sure you feed your kittens as much fresh food as possible so that you can assist in giving them a long and healthy life.



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