This shouldn’t be an issue we’re still talking about – the research is very clear – but pet food companies continue to put soy protein in cat food. Consequently, we are increasingly seeing more and more thyroid problems, diabetes, and other diseases in cats. Since the pet food industry isn’t fixing this issue, we as consumers must take a stand.

Soy protein is a cheap filler and substitute for the meat that our cat’s bodies require to sustain healthy life. By using soy protein instead of animal meat, big pet food companies are able to increase their profit margins by a lot. But what about our cats?

Why Soy Protein In Cat Food Is Harmful

Cats can’t digest soy the way pet food companies claim they can. Soy contains a compound called phytates which inhibits mineral absorption and block the enzymes needed to digest protein. In turn, this causes GI tract inflammation and can lead to serious illnesses. Soy protein also interferes with the thyroids ability to do its job, leading to one of the most common ailments our cat’s face today, hyperthyroidism.

In speaking of the harmful effects soy has on the body of pets, world-renowned veterinarian, Dr. Jean Dodd, explains:

Soybeans and the many soy derivatives commonly found in pet foods are recognized as one of the main causes of both acute and sub-acute food hypersensitivities (i.e. allergies) as well as long-term food intolerance’s in pets. Beware of soy in its various forms: it typically appears in pet foods as soybean meal, soy flour, grits, hulls, soy protein concentrate, isolated soy protein and textured vegetable protein (TVP).

Aside from the ailments linked to soy protein in cat food, we are learning of more dangers linked to genetically modified soy. And it’s nearly impossible to find non-GMO soy in cat food. Which makes sense – It wouldn’t be the ‘cheap filler’ if it was organically grown.

Our advice? It’s time to find a new cat food if yours contains soy protein.



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