Before in invention of cat food, cats were fed table scraps from the humans who cared for them. Sharing your food with your kitty was a normal thing. Fast forward to today and people believe that cats should only eat cat food. Why is that?

Did you know that there should be no difference between cat food and food? Since the invention of cat food we’ve lost sight of what our kitty’s should be eating. As obligate carnivores, cats should be eating mostly meat. So, should the meat and other ingredients we feed them be a different quality from what we prepare and eat ourselves?

Cats thrive best on a diet made of quality animal protein. The animal protein they are fed should not be of lesser quality than the meat you purchase at the grocery store. Unfortunately, the majority of meat in commercial cat foods consist of proteins that are not fit for human consumption. Instead, they get the dead, diseased, dying or euthanized animals, which it why the food must be highly processed and heated to make it ‘safe‘.

Sharing Your Food With Your Kitty

This is another reason why you should be sharing your food with your cat at home. Research shows that simply replacing 20% of your cat’s processed food with fresh, human food can reduce their disease markers by up to 90%. So, by sharing some of your dinner meat with your kitty you’ll help them live longer!

Some cat parents do this on holidays while others do it daily. We recommend providing some fresh food for our kitties daily. Feed the meat raw – or gently cook it – for the healthiest results. In the wild, our cats hunt, catch and eat their prey – and they don’t cook it first. I would assume that the meat you get at the market is safer than the bird or rat in your backyard, so there’s no need to fear raw meat. Get started today and comment below on how it goes!



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