Over 90% off the cat loving population feed their cats a dry food diet, however, this isn’t the best decision. You see, cats are desert animals and have a very low thirst drive. This means that they need to get their moisture from their food. Can you add moisture to kibble?

Ideally, we’d go through the steps to successfully transition our kitties to a moisture rich diet. The fact that dry food is dry is only one of many reasons cats should not eat kibble. The fact that the majority of dry food is full of non-human grade ingredients and a ton of carbohydrates makes this option unhealthy. Kibble is taxing on the kidneys and other organs and creates inflammation in the body. Couple this with the dehydration kitties experience by eating a dry food only diet and it’s just not the best option for cats.

Bone Broth for Cats

However, the fact still remains that the majority of cat parents will feed dry food. My next best hope, however, is that they will do their best to add back moisture to the kibble. Actually, we often get questions from followers online asking if it’s okay to add water to kibble. And sure, water is fine, but you want to know what’s an even better option? Bone broth.

Bone broth is packed with superfood benefits like improved digestive health, a stronger immune system, and healthier joints. It’s also a great option for cats that aren’t feeling well. It’s like chicken soup for cats. 🙂

Adding moisture to kibble by using bone broth as a topper is a great way to provide your cat with many more health benefits than just feeding dry.


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