Do you have an aggressive or anxious kitty? There are many things that determine a cat’s personality, but we should be aware of how we cat parents contribute to their demeanor.

Many think that their cat’s personality traits are just in their genes… and this is somewhat true. Just like us, the persona of a kitty is molded by genetics, early life circumstances and environmental lifestyle. Each of our 6 cats have very different and beautiful personalities. It’s fun to watch their different dynamics, but it’s important to understand that an unhealthy cat will be an unhappy cat.

Diet Affects Your Cat’s Personality

Health begins in the gut, as we all know, and the foods we put into our body affect our health. Doctors tell us to eat a better diet to help reduce stress and anxiety. Have you noticed that we often get grumpy after the holidays? I think this is largely due to the high amount of carbohydrates we consume. While these comfort foods may make us happy at the time, the effect they have can most definitely affect our mood.

The same goes for our cats. Research has been done on the gut-brain axis and how the foods we feed our pets affect their stress levels. If all we feed our cats is carb-loaded dry food then they’ll feel like we do after the holidays – only all the time. Cats that are anxious or dealing with inflammation in their organs and GI tract will often be more aggressive or skittish as well. This is why the diet we feed them affects their personalities.

Just like humans, cats need a diet that nourishes their gut for optimal health and happiness. The more fresh food we can feed them, the better. Dry food will lead to inflammation and dehydration, which makes for an unhealthy and unhappy kitty. Food is life and we want them to have a long, healthy and happy one. 🙂


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