Cats are famous for being finicky lil’ things. It’s common for cats to reject a new food you’re trying to feed them, so know that you’re not alone. It’s important, however, to offer variety in your kitty’s diet. So let’s briefly discuss what to do when your cat won’t eat anything new.

First we need to understand the feline taste buds. Cats, like humans, have addictive personalities. They’re genetically designed to be attracted to salt, fat and sugar. They also get addicted to the shape and texture of their favorite foods. This is how the big chain brands are so successful at getting kitties to eat their foods. They’re the fast food of the pet industry.

We are the ones who teach our cats what food is at a young age. If we feed our felines only one brand or one type of food, that’s what they think is food – period. Offer your cats something else and they’ll often look at you like you just grew a third eye.

Cats need variety in their diet for their gut (and therefore immune system) to be healthy. Food is the key to health for us and our feline friends. We are either feeding health or disease. Switching up your cats foods and offering a more species appropriate diet is the best thing you can do to ensure your kitty lives a longer and healthier life.

What To Do If My Cat Won’t Eat Anything New

  1. Stop the free feeding. The first step in transitioning your cat to a new food is to make sure they are hungry at feeding time. If they always have a buffet of food available to them, why would they want to try something new? Cats should be fed on a routine schedule each day. Start feeding on a set schedule, a little at a time.
  2. Start slowly. This isn’t a race. At feeding time, add just a small amount of the new food to the old food. If they refuse to eat with new food in it, put a small amount next to the food they’re addicted to. This helps them gain the smell and taste of the new food, slowly.
  3. Be consistent. The biggest problem we see is with those who try a new food once or twice, to no avail, and then quit trying. Consistency is key. Studies show that cats, if given the consistent option over time, will choose the food that is better for them.

We always say patience and perseverance pays. If your cat won’t eat anything new, try the above steps to help your kitty start and stay on a healthier path!



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