If you’re new to feeding your kitty fresh foods, you know what a big difference it makes. You also know how great it is to find fresh food resources and information from others in the fresh food community. Tips and tricks for transitioning, make-at-home recipes, trusted raw pet food brands and shared experiences are just so helpful on this journey to health!

A while back I wrote an article addressing how the small percentage of fresh feeders need to stick together. And it’s true. We fresh feeders make up a very small percentage of all pet parents. It’s important that we lift each other up with encouragement and share what we learn along the way. This not only makes for healthier pets, but happier pet parents too!

Because our community (and the resources that support it) are small – but rapidly growing(!) – fresh and raw pet food brands are equally important to us. We applaud those companies that recognize that providing a healthful product for our pets is far more important than big profits. We are also grateful to see more raw pet food brands popping up all over the country. In our opinion – and with our great love of variety – the more the merrier!

Here lately however, I’ve heard a number of raw pet food brands bashing other fresh food companies. We see how this kind of negativity makes sense amongst the billion dollar brands in the pet food industry – but do not understand how this is at all helpful for our small raw pet food brands.

What we do understand is that these companies want to express a pride in ownership. And we know how rewarding it is to produce products that helps pets live healthier lives, but we find no need to undercut other holistic nutraceutical companies. We love variety and know that some things work better for some cats than others. We are excited that there are actually other healthy alternatives we can recommend to concerned pet parents!

This is the same mentality we have about our few and valued raw pet food brands. We’d like to think that they do what they do because they also have a genuine love of pets and have their best interests at heart. We don’t like to see or hear degrading, distracting comments thrown at each other. We hear from many of our clients that this is confusing and disappointing – not at all what our small community needs.

Other clients read or hear something negative about a raw pet food brand and seem set against them for life – because it came from a brand they already love and trust. We as pet parents all want the best for our babies and it feels like a step backwards every time one part of our small (but growing!) community turns against another. The last thing we want to see is the negativity from these raw pet food brands causing a divide between us few fresh food feeders.

Doing better for our pets – loving them back better through real nutrition – is not a competition. Finding the best diets and providing the best fuel for these precious little lives is a community collaboration. We hope, as we all continue to learn, share and grow, that everyone in our community remembers we’re all in this together. And while we are all different, we all have the same beautiful goal – helping the sweet little lives in our care live the long, happy and healthy lives they deserve!



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