Industry experts say only 4% of pet parents are a part of what is now known as the fresh food movement. Even if the math is slightly off, this means roughly 96% of all pet parents have never made – or even heard of – a ‘raw diet’ or ‘species appropriate’ pet food.

The fresh food movement is improving the way pet parents feed their dogs and cats. This movement was introduced and is being advanced by some of the top pet nutrition advocates in the world. The film Pet Fooled has spread the message worldwide. It challenges our past ideas about how we nourish our animals and teaches us to think about what our pets really need in their daily diets.

We’re huge advocates of the fresh food movement because we’ve experienced the results first hand. This isn’t a fad, it’s not a phase and it certainly isn’t popular – it’s a passion. If you consider yourself in the 4%, you understand. And hopefully you’re sharing this ‘good news’ with the 96% of other pet parents whose pets’ health could benefit greatly from it.

But recently I’ve noticed this passion being exercised in some of the most non-compassionate ways. I’ve seen several social media posts where individuals are berating each other about the way they fresh feed their cats and dogs. With something as simple as picture of a dog eating vegetables you’ll see over 100 negative comments about how they’re “doing everything wrong”.

Pet parents. We need to work together or our 4% will implode… and ultimately fail the 96%.

Can The Fresh Food Movement Survive

Can The Fresh Food Movement Survive?

I believe it can. And I believe it can grow. This will happen when the 4% of us that are so passionate about this movement realize that we have more in common than we have in conflict. We need to put our focus on positive progress.

Mother Teresa said it best: “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a pro-peace rally, invite me.

This is not an anti pet food rally. This is a pro fresh food rally. It’s an opportunity to learn, share and grow together. Let’s stop the bickering among ourselves and take the more effective path. The path that makes a difference in our pets’ lives. And the path that is inviting and enlightening to our many friends in the 96%.

Those of us who are pro fresh food should encourage each other and be excited for one another. We should lift each other up – not tear each other down. After all, we want the same thing. We all want to see pets live long and healthy lives through the power of real nutrition.

Let’s Change The Conversation

I get it. Many of us have experienced tragedy with our pets, which has lead us to fresh feeding in the first place. We’ve done a TON of research and we don’t want others to make the same mistakes we once did. But let’s think about how we communicate this conviction.

One of my favorite public speakers, Jim Rohn, talks about the importance of language and the BIG difference between saying “what is troubling you?” and “what is wrong with you?” – it’s all in the approach. The “anti” approach tells pet parents what NOT to do, while the “pro” approach demonstrates what CAN be done and invites pet parents to join in.

The fresh food movement can survive if we, the fresh feeders, help each other. It can survive if we encourage others to join us on this journey – not scare them into it or away from it!

We don’t claim to know everything. Hell, we learn new things every day and are frequently humbled by what we DON’T know. Our lives are made up of decisions and choices that impact every aspect of our journey on this earth. These decisions affect those around us. Let’s center our focus on the choices we make to better the health of all animals – ours and yours.





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