When we talk about species appropriate diets for cats we emphasize a feline’s need for meat. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must have animal protein to survive. Cats need meat and have no requirement for carbohydrates. So why are we feeding them such high carb diets?

All dry kibble cat food has a high amount of carbohydrates within it. Why? Because starches and carbs are what is needed to hold kibble together. There are a few kibble companies that understand the importance of animal protein in cat diets. These companies will include meat in the first 5 ingredients in their bags. If you must feed kibble, chose a food with meat as the first 5+ ingredients for your cat. Their bodies will thank you for this.

Watch this and then keep reading below…

All processed foods list their ingredients and it’s important that we understand how to read this list correctly. By law, the ingredients must be listed by weight. But it’s not that simple. The law allows for pet food manufacturers to weight the meat first – and then cook it. Since fresh meat is full of moisture, the water weight is no longer there once the meat is cooked. Pretty deceiving, huh?

For example, if your cat food ingredient list reads “meat, grain, carbohydrate, meat, meat” you might say, “well, the majority of the first 5 ingredients are meat, so we’re good.” Wrong. The majority of this food is grains and carbs. Our cats need meat as the primary ingredient in their food, yet it’s so difficult to find an affordable food that contains the amount of meat that our cats need to thrive.

Obesity, diabetes, kidney disease and other feline ailments on are the rise. Do you think this may have something to do with the fact that our cats aren’t getting the diets they’re designed to eat? Food for thought. Literally. 🙂



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