We often talk about the importance of what we feed our cats, but what’s also important is how we feed our kitties. Certain feeding techniques can help reduce feline stress, stop the scarf and barf and help overweight kitties to lose a few pounds.

Is your cat overweight or does he eat everyone else’s food in the house? We have one of those. We call him our Hoover Boo. 🙂 How about a kitty that gobbles up her food quickly and then vomits it back up? Does your cat sometimes refuse to eat because he seems stressed about his surroundings? This article is for you.

Cat Feeding Techniques To Help Your Kitty

  1. Feed your cats in separate rooms. Cats are solitary eaters and prefer to eat away from other animals. In the wild, the act of eating puts kitties in a vulnerable state, so a cat’s instinctive nature is to eat alone. If you have other cats or dogs in the home, be sure to feed your cat in a comfortable spot, away from the other animals. Studies show that this feeding technique reduces cortisol levels (aka stress levels) in cats.
  2. Feed smaller meals several times per day. This is one of the best ways to stop the scarf and barf. Cats in the wild eat several small meals throughout the day… not 2 large meals. Try giving your kitty small bites of food throughout the day if your schedule allows. This is also helpful for cats that need to lose weight because they won’t be crying for food all day, since their tummies will be satisfied.
  3. Hide the food and make your cat hunt it! Cats were designed to stalk, chase, hunt, kill, eat, groom and sleep. This is called the prey sequence. By taking small portions of food and hiding them around the house, our cats are forced to be felines and hunt their food. This has proven to reduce stress as well as stress related diseases in cats.

  How do you feed your kitties? Comment below and let us know!

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