If you’re stuck at home during this time of quarantine, it’s time to get creative with your kitties! Finding a game for cats that they won’t get bored with eventually can be difficult, however, this game is evergreen!

Studies show that the majority of indoor cats are bored and stressed. When we bring our kitties inside, they lose their ability to indulge their feline instinctive nature… which is to hunt, chase, play and eat. We often misunderstand our cat’s “aloofness” and think they are stress free and chill. This is just no so.

To keep our cat’s stress in check and to give them something to do, let’s bring the hunter back out of them!

Indoor Hunting Game for Cats

This is super simple, guys. Instead of feeding them in a bowl for every meal, try letting your cats hunt for their food. If you’re free feeding your cats, it’s time to pick up the all day buffet. Cats should be fed on a schedule anyway, but we can spice it up and keep them entertained by hiding small amounts of food around the house.

If you feed moist food you can put a teaspoon of the food in several small dishes and place them in high and low places. Put some in the cupboard and others at the top of a shelf. Watch as your kitty finds and eats every bite!

If you feed kibble or freeze dried foods, put about a tablespoon of the food in toilet paper rolls and punch holes in them. You can also do this with small cardboard boxes or even empty water bottles. We purchased indoor hunting feeders that make this easy, but you can get creative with this at home. Hide these all around the house in both high and low places. Stuff them in the couch cushions even! Then let your cats use their incredible noses and feline instinct to hunt, catch, play and eat their food.

Simple, easy and effective way to help your cat be more of a feline!



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