Transitioning your cat to a healthier diet isn’t an easy task for many cat parents. Dog parents have it easy because dogs aren’t as picky as our feline friends. It is, however, purrfectly possible to get our kitties eating a species appropriate diet. It starts with one simple step that most cat parents forget. Here’s the first and most important secret to feeding your cat better…

Important Secret To Feeding Your Cat Better

When cats are given an all-day buffet to munch on whenever they please, they’re less apt to be enticed when a new food is offered. So, pick up the kibble. Hunger is a friend of the cat parent wishing to feed their kitty better foods. By scheduling feeding time into smaller routine meals you will ensure that your cat is hungry at feeding time. Hungry cats will be more likely to eat a new wet food that you mix into their kibble.

In addition to the fact that leaving food out all day stops kitties from trying something new, kibble is high in carbohydrates. Cats can safely thrive on about 2% carbohydrates, but even the best kibble has over 25% carbs in order to hold it together into a little dry crunchy. This high carb diet keeps our cats’ bellies full longer. This is why feeding them smaller meals 2-3 times per day will help increase their appetite.

Cats may not be the easiest pets to transition to healthy eating, but they sure are worth the effort. We noticed the change in their coat, skin and energy levels immediately after putting our kitties on a fresh food diet. There is no disputing the health benefits of feeding fresh to cats.

The journey of many miles begins with one simple step. The first step to feeding your cat better is picking up the all-day buffet and scheduling a routine feeding time. It’s that easy!



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