It’s a common myth that cats vomit a lot for no reason. There are memes on the internet poking fun at cats and that sound they make before barfing. I’ve literally heard people say that they don’t want to adopt a cat because they don’t like how much they vomit. Shake. My. Head.

Cats that vomit on a regular basis need to be evaluated and not just overlooked as “a cat being a cat”. Cats don’t just puke for no good reason. Just like humans, there’s a reason behind this and we should get to the root of the cause.

Do your cats vomit a lot?

There are some diseases that can provoke symptoms such as vomiting in cats, so we first want to have your cat checked by a veterinarian if she is up-chucking on the regular. Once any major health issues are cleared, however, it’s time to look at diet.

I’m increasingly appalled at the pet food industry when I read the ingredients on many commercial cat foods. Cats weren’t designed to eat highly processed grains and carbohydrates, yet the majority of labels start with corn, rice, potatoes, wheat and/or soy in the ingredient list. Integrative veterinarians refer to feeding these processed foods as nutritional ‘abuse’ – lacking in the needed and natural ingredients our pets require to be healthy. Of course our cats are going to vomit up these foods! Imagine if you ate a shoe. Think your body might reject it? Likely.

The same goes for our kitties. We can nutritionally ‘abuse’ them for a certain amount of time – before we start seeing the effects of poor nutrition. Regular vomiting is one of the most common ways our kitties tell us something is wrong. We know – as we spend 10 years as new cat moms thinking vomiting was part of having a cat… even our conventional vet told us it was nothing to be concerned about – probably just hairballs. But we knew not all the spots we found were hairballs.

And yes – hairballs happen. But even that should be an uncommon occurrence. Now that we feed our 5 cats a species appropriate diet, we might see a hairball once every couple months – instead of 4-5 times per week! It’s amazing to see the difference healthier foods make for our cats. Not to mention, it’s easier on the carpet and furniture when your cats aren’t regularly vomiting on them.


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