We all know that cats love boxes, but do you know why? Kitties are some of the easiest and cheapest pets to please. You can just give leave out a box after a delivery and cats will be entertained for hours.

Our kitties love to hide, be sneaky and stalk things. It’s up to us to keep that instinct active in them and also mix up their environment to keep it exciting and fun! Want to know an easy and FREE way to do that? Read on…

One of my favorite memes is the picture of several cats outside sitting in boxes, that are spread out, the caption reads “The Cat Traps Are Working” It just cracks me up! Google it if you haven’t seen it. It’s funny because it’s so true. Have you ever noticed if you set a box down it won’t take long before your feline friend is in it? Let’s face it, Cats LOVE boxes.

Cats And Boxes

Why do cats love to get into boxes? Well, they are some of the best hiding places for them. Boxes also provide a fun place for your cat to jump in and out of. Plus boxes provide a safe, insulated place they can conceal themselves in.

Cats find comfort and feel secure in enclosed spaces. This is why you have probably seen your cat trying to fit into a box that is way too small for them. They feel comfort even when they don’t exactly fit.

As I mentioned above, we should mix up our cat’s environment. An easy and no cost option is to save your boxes as you get your packages. Don’t worry if they are small or big your cats will make the best of them. If they start to get bored with them, move them around. I found this to be true for all my cat stuff. We have a cat tree and if they stop using it, I simply move it to another location and it’s like Christmas for them!

As always, when your kitties are done with those boxes, be sure to recycle them.



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